Science Show

Jacqueline Lindemeyer and Lina Walther at the Science Show during Kiel Week
Foto/Copyright: CAU


Kiel University's cutting-edge research is driven by its world class scientists, and many young researchers who contribute in their own projects. The passion and enthusiasm they feel for their work can now be shared by a much wider audience. In Kiel University's Science Show young academics and scientists reveal WHAT they do, HOW they work and above all tell us WHY: why do they love their particular topic and why should the world share their enthusiasm. In Science Show young researchers tell their unique story and share the thrill of their discoveries.

Science Show invites everyone who is hungry to know more about the world we live in to come along and catch the passion for knowledge. A hallmark of Science Show is presenting even complex topics in an entertaining way that everyone can understand. We want our audience to learn more about today's world and what Kiel University's research work means for tomorrow's society. Science Show is a popular part of Kiel University's public outreach programme, appearing amongst others annually at the Kiel Week's uni-live show as well as the Night of the Profs - in 2015 the "Future Profs at Night" even received second place at the election of the "Prof of the Night".




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