Science Show

About the Science Show

How it all began

The origin of the Kiel Science Show lies in 2010. PD Dr. Avan Antia, head of the Integrated School of Ocean Sciences (ISOS), motivated Ulf Evert to pursue and implement his idea of a science slam for doctoral researchers. At the time, Ulf Evert was himself a participant in Katharine Simmons' ISOS course “Presentation”. The two joined forces to develop a 10-minute format in which young scientists present their research to a broad audience.

From “slam” to “show”

The first event took place in 2011 at Kiel Week in the university’s tent “kieler uni live”. Since the speakers wanted to perform as a team, the competitive nature of the science slam was left out of later events. This way, all speakers can be equally appreciated. Since then the “Science Show” has become a household name in Kiel, also at the Night of the Profs and the European Researchers' Night.

Young research on stage!

With the Science Show Kiel University uses a wonderful opportunity to show the research of its young scientists to the public. In turn, the speakers are given the chance to try things out and gain experience. They become more self-confident and develop their own presentation style. Presentation skills are hardly ever promoted in specialised studies, but they are nevertheless demanded. That is why Ulf Evert and Katharine Simmons have been offering presentation courses for students and doctoral researchers for years. Together they coach young researchers who are taking the step onto the stage.

The Science Show: Living science communication!

Students, doctoral researchers and post docs can perform at the Science Show. Public interest in the Science Show has grown steadily in recent years. It draws an interested audience every time. The Science Show makes its contribution to the communication of scientific content – it is a place where science communication is lived.